When a cosmetic intervention goes wrong

As cosmetic interventions without the use of surgical procedures are on the increase, various warnings are being issued on people recurring to lip fillers. This is causing complications, with those affected having to go to hospital for the necessary treatment.

In the United Kingdom, an awareness campaign on this problem is expected to begin to raise more awareness, however experts insist more on the strengthening of legislation in this regard.

Personalities and influencers are sharing their experiences on the internet in connection with these surgical procedures, which are leaving an impact on their followers as the number of persons who are undergoing fillers at their own homes are increasing.

However, what is not being revealed is the possible risk and impact on their health if something goes wrong. Many individuals undergo these intervention to make themselves more confident with their image and more attractive.

There are persons who are so fixated with wrinkles that they are purchasing products on the internet and doing the intervention themselves at home. This type of fillers are not made by professionals and are not regulated, such as medicines are.

Those who do not use them rightly may cause swelling or an infection, and in rare cases they may even need to be operated or given specific medicine if a lump is formed under the skin. In extreme cases, there is also the risk that a person loses sight.


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