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When are visitors allowed at Mater Dei hospital?

The CEO of Mater Dei Hospital, Celia Falzon said that a decision had been taken to temporarily suspend visits to Mater Dei Hospital to protect the vulnerable.

Interviewed on the TVM 8pm news bulletin, Dr Falzon said this was a difficult decision for everyone but was taken with great responsibility, after consultation.

She explained that there were certain exceptions for relatives who may be allowed to visit patients including children, cases of last rites and other cases allowed by the person administering the ward.

Asked if this measure would prevent people from going to hospital for treatment, she urged patients to go if they needed to so as not to allow their condition to worsen. She said the measures which were being taken would ensure that Mater Dei Hospital remained a safe place and for patients to have peace of mind.

In the meantime this measure has also been introduced at St Vincent de Paule and Government residences for the elderly. The Gozo General Hospital will also stop patient visits tomorrow as a preventive measure of control. Starting Monday, April 13, out-patient services and clinics will be moving to Barts Medical School.

Hear what the CEO of Mater Dei Hospital had to say in this video: