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When parents enter the labour force they create a positive effect on children – Minister Bartolo

The tapering measures of social benefits and in-work benefit led more women to enter the labour force. This emerged during a conference with the theme Making Work Pay, which discussed the introduction of measures that provide incentives for work, instead of social benefits.

Family and Social Solidarity Minister, Michael Falzon, said that the profile of persons who are no longer dependent on social benefits shows that the majority of those benefiting from tapering schemes and in-work benefits are women and mothers. He stated that the tapering system, with which apart from salary a person continues to receive social benefits for three years, led more people to seek a job. He added that this incentive was strengthened by the in-work benefit for families with children and free child care.

Minister Falzon said “70% were women who applied for the scheme; the reason is obvious as these were idle in the labour force, and through the scheme they managed to find a job and it payed off”.

Jobs Plus economist Nicholas Ellul stated that a study he carried out shows that there were 64% of those who reentered in employment, who would not have returned to work if measures, such as tapering and in-work benefits, were not introduced. The majority of these persons have one to two children and are working in various sectors of the economy.

“Interesting to note that they are mostly employed in sales and work connected with machine assemblers and operators – that is it may be that their skills were better for this type of work”.

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said that the benefits of employed persons does not only generate success for the economy, but they are also benefits that have a positive impact on children.

“When children’s parents are working, this creates wealth on the children as they understand that such effort improves your life; and they no longer remain with the mentality of waiting for a cheque at the end of the month, even if you are idle and is carried by the current”.

In 2012, there were almost 10,000 persons who needed social assistance and, with these incentives, the number decreased to 6,840 by last December.

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