Where can you go for a cheap holiday in Italy?

Italy is considered as the best and most popular destinations for Maltese travelers who want to take a short holiday. If one is limited on money spending, he looks for cheaper holidays.

Therefore, which are the cheapest places for a holiday in Italy this summer?

According to a survey by the travel site Momondo, hotels in Palermo are the cheapest. The average price per night at a hotel in this major Sicilian town is €66, following a reduction of around 20% over last year. Palermo is greatly sought by many tourists due to its history and architecture, especially for its cathedrals and theatres.

Palermo is followed by Rimini, where the average price is €69 per night – another great reduction of 32% over last year. Rimini is situated in the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy, and boasts one of the most sandy and popular beaches in Europe, spreading over 15 kilometres.

Contrary to existing impressions, the towns of Milan and Rome are not the dearest as far at hotel rates are concerned. A night in Milan costs an average of €93, while in the Italian capital it is €99.

On the other hand, Alghero, Firenze and Venice haveWhe the hotels with the highest rates – each registered an increase in the prices over last year. These, however, do not compare with Posito which has the highest accommodation rates in hotels, with a night at the town costing an average of €307.

Pictures: (from top) a Palermo bay, Cathedral in f’Palermo, Rimini bay, Venice view

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