Which restaurants will give you another voucher for every one you use?

Earlier on Wednesday it was announce that restaurants which are members of the Association for Catering Establishments  (ACE) will be giving another voucher to its clients for every voucher spent.

Many people have been asking which restaurants will be offering this incentive.

Matthew Pace,  the Secretary of ACE, told TVM that the list will be published shortly. He said that apart from those establishments which have already committed themselves to this offer, there will be others adopting it as well.

Meanwhile, the Association has urged the public that when they book a table at a restaurant, or before they sit down, they should ask whether the restaurant has this offer.

It also urged all those who cannot make their booking, to inform the restaurant beforehand to cancel their table in order to help this sector.

The ACE added that the public has reacted positively to this initiative, and pointed out that the scheme will be linked to the terms and conditions printed on the back of the voucher.

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