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Who are the MJESC 2020 finalists?

The twelve finalists of the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 were announced.

The winning singer from the twelve finalists will be representing Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Poland next November.

The Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 finalists are:

Singer: Leah Cauchi

Singer: Leah Mifsud

Beside Me
Singer: Isaac Tom

Change the Silence
Singer: Mariah Cefai

Chasing Sunsets
Singer: Chanel Monseigneur

Deck of Cards
Singers: Yulan Law and Gianluca Cilia

Made of Stars
Singer: Kaya Gouder Curmi

Modern-Day Cinderella
Singer: Emma Cutajar

Singer: Anneka Xerri

Only Live Once
Singers: Zaira Mifsud and Eksenia Sammut

Singer: Michela Caruana

The Child From Inside
Singer: Mychael Bartolo Chircop