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Who can take aspirin?

Patients who suffered from a stroke triggered by a brain haemorrhage can take aspirin to reduce the risk of another stroke or heart problems.

Aspirin thins the blood, and doctors had been cautious about giving it to patients, as they were afraid of increasing the risk of brain haemorrhage. A study published in The Lancet has shown, however, that aspirin does not increase the risk; on the contrary, it reduces it.

Experts say this indication has to be confirmed through further research, and are advising patients to take aspirin daily if recommended to do so by their doctor.

Aspirin is taken mainly to reduce pain, and sometimes also to reduce fever. A low dose of 75mg, however, is also used to thin the blood and prevent heart attacks and stroke.

Most strokes occur when veins in the brain are blocked, sometimes causing bleeding. As aspirin thins the blood, this can sometimes in freer flow.

Aspirin is not, however, safe for everyone. It can cause indigestion and in rare cases can also cause ulcers. It should never be administered to children under 16, unless prescribed by a doctor.

In order to avoid a stroke, one has to go for a healthy diet, exercise regularly, refrain from smoking and avoid an excess of alcohol.




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