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Who will win the €191 million Powerball jackpot this Christmas?

Santa Claus may end up having to take a shorter route this Christmas, to someone who will win the biggest Christmas present – the US Powerball lottery, with a jackpot currently standing at  €191 million.

If history repeats itself, chances are that one of the winners could be a Maltese national, as has already occurred earlier this year when Maria from St Julians managed to scoop up €97,000 with her Jackpot-com EuroMillions subscription.

With the launch of the in 2017, Maltese stakers also started taking part in Powerball and other similar foreign lotteries. This revolutionary electronic site is allowing foreign nationals to take part in these lotteries, thus giving an opportunity to foreigners to also be among the winners.

Since the launch of the in 2017, Maltese stakers are finally able to take part in the Powerball and other similar international lotteries.

This is how one can take part in America’s favourite lottery:

  • Register with
  • Choose Powerball from the wide selection of lotteries
  • Select five lucky numbers between 1 and 69, and a Powerball between 1 and 26
  • Hope for the best. You may well be one of the lucky winners!

Statistics show that when the Powerball jackpot reaches amounts close to the current figure, sales of tickets in the US are often in excess of fifteen million.

Naturally enough, excitement in these cases reaches fever pitch, and Maltese stakers can be among the winners this Christmas by logging onto and choosing their preferred numbers online for Powerball.

Your only worry is finding a stocking large enough to fit the prize you can win if you chance your luck in this lottery.


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