Why do people flip out? What makes people lose control?

We frequently hear about progress and advancement that has taken place in the lives of Maltese and Gozitan citizens, but we still cannot say that poverty has been completely eliminated. In fact there are people who still suffer some form of poverty.
When we talk about poverty, we often think of economic poverty, but there are only a few other forms of poverty that we rarely talk about such as educational poverty, poor living and even communication poverty – i.e. the ability to communicate effectively.

‘Popolin’ analyzed different Maltese communities and the various ways in which different forms of poverty are manifesting in the present. We have often seen videos on social media showing individuals in heated arguments. Arguments often leading to physical fighting and then to police intervention.

What makes us lose our ability to speak and reason like human beings? Why do we often lose control?

We spoke to psychotherapist Stephen Vassallo who explained that anger is a natural emotion that is felt by each and every one of us. But individuals need to learn how to express and channel their anger:

“When we work on anger management situations we see where this anger comes from, whether it’s a character problem or whether there are deeper issues that are leading a person to act this way.” He added that part of their job was to show people that there are other ways how to express their anger assertively without being confrontational.

He reiterated that each case must be analyzed individually and that each and every person can find a way to control his anger while assertively communicating and conveying their point.