Why do you still feel tired after your holidays?

Many people recently took a break from their usual routine and spent a few days relaxing or going on holiday this summer. Now that they are back at work, however, some are still feeling tired as if they had never taken any vacation leave at all.

Recent research by the American Psychology Association showed that many people feel revitalized after a few days of vacation, however, once they are back at work, they still feel very tired.

33% who were interviewed by the researchers said that they feel more positive and full of energy when they get back to work, while 57% feel more motivated and less stressed and are therefore capable of giving their 100%.

However, 25% said that once they went back to work, they start feeling under pressure again as if they had never been away.  Another 40% replied that they try to remain optimistic for a few days, but shortly afterwards they are once again overwhelmed by stress.

Experts in this field believe that this is a common symptom because holidays slow down your pace, and when you go back to work, you have to re-adapt to the routine and the stress.

At least a week or two weeks have to pass for one to manage to overcome the fatigue and once again find a balance between work and family. It is therefore recommend that one should do a lot of exercise.

Those who go through this situation, known by psychologists as stress recovery routine, need to recover by stopping what they are doing while at their place of work and getting up to walk around in order to relieve the tension.

For example, after 25 minutes at his desk, an employee should stop for five minutes, and then continue with his work. He should repeat this throughout the day until he increases his productivity once again.

It is recommend that instead of one long holiday per year, it is better to stop for a few days more frequently, so that you do not feel such a difference between the stress of work and the relaxing days during your holiday, because routine greatly affects the way the body functions.

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