Why does the Madonna cross the square with a home next to her during the Għajnsielem feast?

As soon as one steps onto the sister island, right next door to Imġarr the village of Għajnsielem is celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Loreto. During this feast, the normal Friday evening march is followed by a very particular activity with the statue of Our Lady. In a square packed with parishioners, the Madonna makes her way from one side of the square to the other on cables.

In comments to, the mastermind behind this particular activity, the President of the Għajnsielem group responsible for the decorations Rudolph Cauchi explained that two cables are placed on both sides of the square. The Madonna is raised on one cable and tied to it, after which the statue crosses the square until it is back on its pedestal.

Asked why this unusual ‘event’ takes place, Mr Cauchi explained the story goes that despite the fact that the Madonna used to live in Nazareth, her home was found in the town of Loreto in Ancona, Italy in 1294. Mr Cauchi added that according to legend, possibly the Madonna’s home was carried there by angels. Which event is recalled during the Għajnsielem feast through this manifestation.

The actual statue ofGħajnsielem’s Madonna of Loreto is the work, in 2006, of artist Michael Camilleri Cauchi. The statue depicts the Madonna holding the child Jesus and with a home next to her. On the sides, two sizeable angels are shown carrying the Madonna and her home, and another angel graces the front of the statue.

Sors: Justin Buttigieg