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Why does the Queen always wear a hat?

Admirers of the British Royal family are aware of certain traditions in the way members of the family dress, and the accessories they wear. Traditions include, for example, that the Queen always wears bright colours, and hats during the day; Prince George never wears trousers, and Duchess Kate almost never wears jeans. And no member of the Royal Family will ever be seen wearing a tracksuit, and neither will Prince George be seen in a T-shirt depicting his favourite cartoon character. The Royal Family observes certain rules on attire, some of which go back hundreds of years.

According to etiquette members of the Royal Family always wear a hat during the daytime when carrying out official duties. After 6.00 p.m., however, they change over to evening attire, and crowns replace hats. Evening attire also includes diamonds, which are never worn in daytime.

On most occasions the Queen also wears gloves. This started as a fashion trend in the fifties, and the Queen has followed the trend even for reasons of hygiene, as she has to shake hands with many people. Another trend followed by Her Majesty is her fondness for bright colours. This does not appear to be an official rule, but the Queen likes wearing bright colours as it makes it easier for her to be seen in crowds.

For occasions where the Royal Family is representing the Services, they wear the uniform of the troops they form part of, as is done in Trooping the Colour. On less formal occasions the men wear open-necked shirts and jackets, with the women wearing trousers or informal dress. It is very rare, however, for members of the Royal Family to attend some occasion where they can wear jeans.


Royal children always have to be well-dressed when appearing in public. Which is why Prince George is always seen in shorts, and Princess Charlotte in dresses. Another reason why George wears shorts rather than long trousers is for the innocent look to be maintained, a tradition going back to the 19th century.


Finally, something about the wearing of crowns. These are only worn by married Royal females. In the past the crown was worn as an indicator that the lady was married, meaning that as a sign of respect, men should not make advances.


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