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One of two men found guilty of raping Italian girl at Pembroke

A man from Burkina Faso has been found guilty of having raped an Italian girl at Pembroke three years ago. Another man from Nigeria was found not guilty of the same charge. A Jury reached these decisions after a six-hour deliberation at the end of a seven-day hearing with witnesses testifying behind closed doors. Judge Giovanni Grixti presided the seven-day trial and is expected to pass verdict tomorrow.

Seydon Bandango from Burkina Faso and Emmanuel Ngumezi from Nigeria were accused of having sequestered a young Italian girl from St George’s Bay in 2016, bundling her into a car and raping her at Pembroke.

The Police had gone on the spot and found one of the men naked from the waist downward and next to the victim who was crying out for help. The other man was outside the car and fled as soon as he saw Police but was caught a little while later.

Further Court news will follow.


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