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Wild rabbits enduring pain and suffering before dying

Maltese farmers with land in the north of Malta have expressed concern are they are coming across dead wild rabbits on a daily basis at the Park tal-Majjistral.

The farmers are saying these deaths are resulting from a virus imported by someone with the intention of killing off the rabbits.

Farmers who spoke with TVM said the rabbits are being found dead even with their coneys, as a result of this virus which only affects wild rabbits.

Joseph Camilleri and his brother Salvu are two of some 30 hunters of wild rabbits in Malta.

Both men have expressed regret that their pastime is coming to end because of this situation.

Dr Mario Spiteri, Director-General at the Agriculture Ministry, stated that this virus is resulting in unnecessary cruelty, as the wild rabbits go through much suffering before they die.

Dr Spiteri made it clear the virus does not affect rabbits for the table, and the sickness carried by the wild rabbits is not transmissible to humans.

Dr Spiteri has already spoken with foreign veterinarians about this virus, which besides affecting wild rabbits in the Park tal-Majjistral is also affecting the wild rabbit population in Gozo.