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Will close market if litter and inconvenience persist at Paola

In a letter addressed to many Government exponents, the Paola Local Council complained that it has for years brought to the attention of authorities the inconvenience and litter that is left behind by market and fish hawkers.

The Council stated that it is recurring to the councils’ funds and a contractor to clean the environmental disfigurement left after the market closes down. It mentioned that the Cleansing and Maintenance Department is not coping with the cleansing work and therefore it is sending workers to clean the market area.

The council’s letter questioned when this market will be regularized for safety to both the residents, visitors and to the hawkers.

The local council expressed its concern on the lack of regulations, saying that by time too many hawkers were permitted to operate in a limited space and who ended up requesting residents to remove their cars from parking spaces in the early morning hours to provide the necessary space.

The council also requested the authorities concerned to discuss also how this market is operating four days a week.

It added that if within 10 days from the complaint no action is taken, it will close access to the market.


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