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Will not be presenting Oscars after making a joke about homosexuality

A comment about homosexuality, passed by Kevin Hart eight years ago when he was telling jokes on stage, has lost him the chance of presenting the next Oscars awards.

Hart, who is an actor and comedian, had stated in 2012 that one of his greatest fears had always been that his son would grow up and become homosexual. Declaring he was not homophobic, Hart stated that if he could do something to prevent his worst fear, he would do it.

These comments started doing the rounds in recent days, as soon as it was announced that Hart would be presenting the next round of the Oscars.

Hart initially stated that he had already apologised for these comments, which had been made at a time when the homosexuality issue had been less sensitive.

Hart later changed his mind, and whilst renewing his apology, said he would be withdrawing from this role as he did not want to serve as a distraction, adding that he regretted hurting some people.


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