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Will the Coronavirus change the way we shop for food?

In the present circumstances, the demand for the purchase of food products online has increased substantially in the short term. The CEO of two supermarkets in Malta spoke to Television Malta and said that this phenomenon may actually change the way in which the Maltese buy food.

The anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic which has led to thousands of people who are not leaving their homes, has boosted the phenomenon of online grocery shopping.

Charles Borg, CEO of a supermarket told Television Malta that demand for this service with the door-to-door delivery has increased sharply in recent weeks. He stated that this was a new trend for many consumers who traditionally prefer to buy food themselves. He added that Covid-19 could spearhead a cultural change among consumers.

“I sincerely believe that after this crisis people around the world will get used to shopping online. We have clothing outlets which many people use it and banks have introduced various electronic systems including 24/7 ATMs which people are used to.”

Mr Borg said the service could be further improved by reducing the time between ordering and delivery to the customer.

“A shopping spree takes a long time because it is very varied in a large supermarket, so the person who is filling up a cart or basket has to move from place to place and it takes about an hour to an hour and a half. So we have reduced the size of the basket and we let everyone fill up the basket. ”

Asked about rising food prices, the CEO has denied increased prices in the supermarkets he runs.

“I confirm we have not increased any prices on our items. Obviously we buy things directly from overseas and from local agents and we add a profit margin but I can assure you we have not increased our prices..”

He went on to say that a shelf price will only change if agents raise the price.