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Will women be leading the EU over the next five years?

Women should be appointed to at least two of the five highest posts in the EU institutions. This was stated by the President of the European Council Donald Tusk during a press conference in Brussels, at the end of an informal meeting with European leaders about who should lead the EU over the next five years.

Tusk said that if more women are appointed to the EU leadership it will be the end of the gender imbalance which has existed for so many years.  Despite the fact that he did not say which posts should be filled by women, he added that he has already obtained the support of European leaders for more gender equality at top EU levels.

Apart from the criterion of equality, Tusk needs to also bear in mind three other criteria while negotiations are underway to nominate people to the top five EU posts, namely geography, the size of the countries and political affiliation.

By next month, Tusk needs to try and find a compromise on who will lead the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament, the European Central Bank and EU Foreign Policy.

The informal meeting was held in Brussels yesterday, almost two days following the official results of the MEP elections. The leaders of the 28 EU member states attended, including Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

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