Archaeological Museum exhibition of Roman influence on Serbia

For over 600 years the Roman Empire left its mark in a great number of places other than Rome, including Malta. The then known world was in fact under Roman administration so, what is the Roman inheritance left in east European countries?

The historical and cultural inheritance of the Roman Empire in the Serbian Republic can be seen in an exhibition at the Archaeological Museum in Valletta. Serbia was under Roman rule for 600 years, from the sixth to the first century BC and the exhibition shows graphic evidence of urban development in the country during Roman times. Archaeologist Snezana Golubovic explained that the models being exhibited are based on the findings of archaeological excavations.

Roman imperial development spread along the banks of the River Danube and strategically determined the increased evolution of its influence throughout Europe. The Empire stretched from the northern border area between England and Scotland and was widespread in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Its comprehensive influence on Serbia was felt for many centuries.

During the exhibition’s inauguration, Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici described diplomatic relations between Malta and Serbia as being excellent. He said that identical influences from Rome during the same period were strongly felt in the two countries and determined the roots of social development in both countries.

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