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Exhibition of historic motorcycles at Ta’ Qali

By the end of the week the Aviation Museum at Ta’ Qali will have increased its exhibits with the addition of 60 motorcycles.

The Historical Motorcycles Club will be commemorating its 30th year with an exhibition of old motorbikes, whether classical or military.

The exhibits show their history of manufacture starting with the oldest in 1903 into the 1950s and into 1974, all of which are classed as vintage motorcycles.

Club official Stephen Zerafa said the collection covers 50 years of motorcycling and is also a reflection of the history of transport in Malta.

He said in their early days motorbikes were a novelty, a curiosity only afforded by the rich but their popularity generally increased as a utility mode of transport to convey riders to their work place and this reflects the development of two historic spheres.

Zerafa said the exhibition is placed at the Aviation Museum to reflect the links between aeroplanes and motorcycles.

He said the shapes of aircraft and motorbikes leads some to contend that both reflect flying and this reflects the technological developments of the two modes of transport.

The exhibition will be open on Sunday. The club has 60 members and between them they have 400 motorcycles.

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