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Without a pardon there might never be a breakthrough in the case – Dr Edward Gatt

Dr Edward Gatt said that when a Presidential pardon is given there can never be complete peace of mind, however without one there might never be a breakthrough for the Prosecution to successfully close a case.

Dr Gatt was talking to TVM news in the light of yesterday’s latest developments in connection with the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, where a suspect who was the middleman involved in the murder has asked for a pardon to reveal who the mastermind was. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced that he was ready to recommend a pardon only if the testimony leads to the mastermind being arraigned in Court.

Dr Gatt explained the risks which a Presidential pardon brings with it, and the ways in which the testimony of the person who has been granted a pardon might be tainted. However, he said that this development should help the Police greatly, because they will have new information to work with.

Questioned whether there will still be a need for an independent public inquiry, Dr Gatt said that the inquiry is not connected to the criminal investigation, and therefore he said these new developments should not affect the public inquiry.

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