Woman allegedly raped by Sergeant says he shot video during oral sex

It was the Police Sergeant charged with raping a woman who shot video footage of her performing oral sex on him.

Superintendent Graziella Muscat Buhagiar testified to this before Magistrate Gabriella Vella when evidence was being heard in the case against 40-year-old Sergeant Glenn Carabott.

Superintendent Muscat Buhagiar’s testimony is based on what she had been told by the victim, who is heavily dependent on drugs and had been abused in her younger years.

The Sergeant had gone to the house on 17 April after the woman had reported a robbery.

When he entered the house he appeared to be under the influence of drugs and had complimented her on her appearance.

He then started touching himself in an indecent way and the woman asked him why he had turned up on his own and not with forensics officers.

According to the woman, the Sergeant told her he produced pornographic videos and would get paid for posting videos with a number of others.

When he entered the bedroom and she bent down to get something from a drawer she noticed the door being closed.

Always according to the same witness, the victim told her that from her experience, she could tell that when a man starts carrying out an abuse, he only stops when he is finished.

According to the woman, she performed oral sex on him not because she was threatened but because she wanted it over and done with quickly, and she saw him filming the act.

They ended up in bed and she told him she had a sexually transmitted infection and it would be better if they refrained from having sex.

The woman described Sergeant Carabott as an animal who treated her as an object.

Dr Arthur Azzopardi is appearing for the accused, and Dr Renè Darmanin is appearing for the woman,