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Woman causes commotion in Court after bail request denied

There were moments of commotion in the Court when a Saudi Arabian woman who holds a Maltese identity card reacted hysterically to a Court decision denying a request for bail because the woman had not provided an alternative address where she could go and live until evidence against her is given.

36-year-old Mona Ibrahim Mahmoud, who lives in Marsa in a residence which she also uses as a grocery and drinks outlet, had been charged with assaulting her neighbour Wilidana Cassar, and with threatening her with a knife and telling her she would act violently against her, her property and her relatives.

Inspector Matthew Galea for the Prosecution objected to bail, stating that the argument had taken place in unlicenced premises which are serving as accused’s temporary residence.

In an agitated tone, accused repeatedly stated she had to close her shop because of Covid-19 restrictions. Accused added that the neighbours used to make her life difficult, and would taunt her with the children she said she had not seen for the past 11 years.

Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech asked accused more than once whether she had an alternative place she could go to until evidence is given in Court. Accused replied she could take her personal belongings to her husband, a Libyan national with whom she no longer lives, and could go to another residence in Ħamrun.

However, the accused did not provide an address, and the Magistrate denied the request for bail, saying she was not convinced accused could go and live in a safe place.

Shouting was heard when the accused was escorted from the Courtroom, and the commotion led to the Magistrate drawing the attention of the Corradino Correctional Facility director to the taking of necessary measures to ensure accused’s health and safety.