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Woman charged with threatening to kill Vice-President Kamala Harris

Niviane Petit Phelps of Miami is being charged with allegedly having threatened to kill US Vice-President Kamala Harris.

It emerged from the criminal complaint presented in the US District Court that Phelps had made a number of threats, including that she would kill or inflict injuries on Harris, between 13 and 18 February.

Phelps allegedly forwarded the threats in writing to her husband, who is presently in jail, through a computer programme used to pass messages between prison inmates and their relatives.

A Secret Service agent obtained footage and photographs which the accused had sent to her husband. In the footage, Phelps is seen speaking angrily about her hatred for President Joe Biden and Vici-President Kamala Harris. She also allegedly made statements that she wants to kill Kamala Harris. In one of the videos she swears that 50 days from the date the video was shot, she would kill her.

It appears, meanwhile, that in a statement she gave to a Secret Service agent at the beginning of March, Phelps said she is no longer angry with the Vice-President.