Woman commits suicide after WhatsApp video ruins her life

In Italy, a 31-year-old woman committed suicide after a video of her having sex went viral on social media. Tiziana Cantone’s nightmare started when the embarrassing footage was shared on WhatsApp. She was unable to get over her shame and took her on life in the home she shared with her mother in Casalnuovo, in Naplesi. The woman had sent videos to some of her friends on WhatsApp, and one of them shared it on Facebook and Twitter.
It all started out as a game after her boyfriend broke up with her. But the game ended up with the explicit footage being seen by thousands on social media who mocked her mercilessly. In fact, from that moment on, the woman fell into a deep depression. The online comments were very harsh, and turned her life upside down.
Tiziana decided to leave Naples to start a new life and for some time she went to live in Tuscany. She also began procedures to change her identity. A few days ago, her lawyer Roberta Foglia Manzillo, obtained an urgent injunction to remove the videos from the Internet after she contacted Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Youtube and all the people involved. According to Monica Marrazzo, the Judge who was hearing the case, the videos should have been removed much more quickly from the Internet and this might have prevented the death of this young woman who was in her prime.