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Woman dies in St Julian’s home fire

Anna Spiteri, 68, died early this morning in a fire which engulfed her home in Wesgħa Agostino Savelli, St Julian’s. Sources who spoke to TVM said that the fire, which quickly spread through her bedroom at 5.00am, was probably caused by a cigarette. The speed of the fire did not allow the victim, who lives alone, to escape.

As soon as neighbours got wind of the incident, they alerted District Police who immediately arrived on the scene accompanied by members of the Special Intervention Unit and Civil Protection. A fire-fighting and rescue operation began as they had information that some persons were still inside the residence.

Once the fire was under control, the Police and Fire-fighters entered the woman’s home with little hope of finding anyone alive. Shortly after, the 68-year old woman was unfortunately found dead, among the debris.

Ms Spiteri is the second victim of a fire in the space of ten days after a 25 year old Egyptian national Maged Esha, lost his life when fires engulfed the shop in Marsa, where he worked and lived.