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Woman imprisoned for seven years for sexually abusing grandson

The Court of Appeal confirmed a seven-year imprisonment sentence against a woman accused of sexually abusing the nine-year old son of her daughter. At the same time, the boy was also being abused by his uncle who lived under the same roof. The cases go back to 2009.

In the appeal, the woman maintained her innocence and alleged that it was the boy’s father who forced him to lie about her. He did this, she said, as a revenge because she did not let her daughter marry him because she was still young and felt he would take advantage of her.

The father, a Libyan national, spent years away from his boy’s life, who was brought up by maternal grandparents. When he returned to Malta, he requested to be recognized as the natural father of the boy and requested to spend time with him.

The abuse came to light when once the boy tried to kiss and touch his father’s partner. The father asked his son why he was acting that way, and the boy recounted what his uncle did to him and later on his grandmother.

The Court heard that the boy’s uncle showed him pornographic films and raped him, while the boy later on tried to repeat the actions with his grandmother. The boy said that his grandmother at first pushed him and admonished him, however when he tried again she did not stop him.

The boy added that the episodes with the grandmother occurred various times, sometime in the shower and in the bedroom, while there were occasions when the grandmother started the sexual acts.

The Court also heard that the boy could not control his wished for sexual acts, and was so consumed that he could not sleep and took medicines. The situation aggravated itself in a way that the father felt he could no longer keep the  boy with him and placed him in an institute.

Presiding Judge, Consuelo Scerri Herrera,  considered that the boy’s uncle had admitted the abuse and did not believe that it was the father who forced the boy to lie on his grandmother. She observed that the boy said his uncle hurt him and had pleasure with the grandmother, which the Court said proved that the boy was telling the truth.

The Court confirmed the seven-year sentence against the woman and recommended that she is kept in the forensic section of Mount Carmel hospital. It also issued a three-year protection order on the boy.


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