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Woman imprisoned for loitering at place known for prostitution in Gżira

A 34-year old woman was sentenced to 11 months in prison after the Court of Appeal rejected her request for acquittal to charges of loitering for prostitution in two separate sentences.

The woman, a Maltese, was  on the 13th of April 2015 observed by Police walking on a pavement in Testaferrata Street, and during the nights between the 2nd and 4th of December 2015 at Imsida Road, Gżira, at times on the pavement and on other occasions at an apartment’s doorstep.

There were seven constables who said in affidavits that they saw the woman at these places, while describing her wearing a blue jeans. They stated that the places were known for prostitution and the accused was known to loiter in these streets.

The woman had stated that there was not enough evidence for the first Court to find her guilty of loitering for prostitution and of being a relapser.

Judge Edwina Galea at the Appeal Court considered the police constables affidavits and the testimony of Inspector John Spiteri who said he had offered assistance to the woman to come out of prostitution, however she found it difficult to change her life as she had financial problems due to drug addiction.

The Court of Appeal said that the first Court was justified to arrive at its conclusion, and therefore while confirming the three months and eight months prison sentences, recommended again that the Prison Director provides assistance so that the woman defeats her drug addiction.


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