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Woman raising baby with her husband which was result of violent rape

The American couple Jennifer and Jeffrey Christie came to Malta so that during the walk by the Life Network Foundation they could describe their experiences of how, despite Jennifer falling pregnant after she was raped five years ago, they decided to keep the baby and raise him with their other children.

Holding up signs with slogans such as ‘You have to be my voice”, “Love saves lives” and “Life is the first human right” those who participated in the event yesterday afternoon walked along the streets of Valletta to convey pro-life and anti-abortion messages.

Five years ago Jennifer was attacked by a man who broke her ribs and fingers and violently raped her. She had to have six major operations as a result of this attack. Six weeks later she realised she was pregnant and Jennifer said that when she went for her ultrasound and saw the heart of the baby beating on the screen, she felt life inside her and in that baby, she saw hope and joy.

“We believe that life starts at conception. I had just been through something violent and tragic and horrible and I couldn’t imagine visiting violence and trauma, not only again on my body but on someone else’s body. For me having a child was something beautiful and healing. It’s not that we’re here to yell at other women who have been in a similar situation, we’re not here to say, you know, you should never have an abortion, this is horrible,” says Jennifer.

“We’re here to say that you can do this. We’re here to say that the path to healing and wholeness is not found through more violence and trauma. It’s a message of love and encouragement and empowerment, and we’re just here to say that you’re being lied to when you’re told that the way to being well again is to do an abortion,” Jennifer added.

Jennifer’s husband, Jeffrey, says that when he is asked how he can raise the son of someone who had abused his wife, he says he does not know, because the boy is four years old and is their son.

“The moment of the assault, of course, was bad, it was painful, but we both thought from the very beginning when she found out she was pregnant, that this child was going to be a source of hope for us, of healing,” Jeffrey explained. “He’s been a great blessing to us. He’s an innocent.”

The Chairperson of the Life Network Foundation, Miriam Sciberras, said that there are those who are instigating the debate for abortion to be introduced in Malta as well. Dr Sciberras said that in Ireland there are a large number of doctors and gynaecologists who are refusing to carry out an abortion because they do not want it on their conscience. She said that if the country does not become aware of this threat which is on the horizon, it will be very easy for abortion to enter Malta as well.