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Woman sentenced to four years in jail for pretending to be a billionaire

A German woman has been sentenced to four years in jail by a US Court after she was found guilty of grand larceny, stealing more than $200,000.

Anna Sorokin, 28, spent no less than four years passing herself off as a billionaire heiress, leasing a private jet, living in a luxury hotel and attending VIP parties.

In reality, Sorokin, who was using the fake name of Anna Delvey, is almost penniless. The defence stated that Sorokin did not have bad intentions but that she was simply ambitions and wanted to establish her business.

The Court, however, did not believe this version and said that Sorokin barely showed remorse for what she had done.

After her story was published in New York magazine, Netflix bought the rights to make a series about her life.