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Woman smuggled drugs into prison inside a condom

Maria Cassar, 27, from Birzebbugia, was sentenced to eight years in prison and fined €900 after she was found guilty of smuggling heroin into the Corradino Correctional Facility. She hid the drugs inside a condom and inserted it into her private parts.

The case dates back to 6 June, 2010, when she went to visit her boyfriend Maximilian Ciantar, in the division for youth offenders.

A court expert established that the condom contained 0.16 grams of heroin and was 15% pure.

During her testimony, the young woman said that Ciantar used to make her smuggle the drugs. She said that he had given her a mobile number and told her to buy him €30 worth of heroin and bring it to him in prison.

She said that her boyfriend had assaulted her several times but that she had never gone to jail. Her father testified that he had often seen bruises on his daughter but she had never told him that she was being physically abused. Other relatives also testified that Ciantar used to treat Ms Cassar badly and had even threatened her father.

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras found the woman guilty. She took into consideration that she had a clean police record and that although she had not pleaded guilty, she had co-operated with the Police. She said that she also took into consideration that it was only a small amount of drugs and that she herself was clean. At the same time the Magistrate stressed that this was a serious case because she had tried to smuggle drugs into a rehabilitation centre.