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Woman who started it all regretted setting up Mother’s Day

The woman who had campaigned for women to be remembered through a special day dedicated to them, had ended up dissociating herself from this feast after seeing it hijacked by businessmen and by those who want to push their own agendas.

It was in 1904 when, after her mother’s death, Ann Jarvis started campaigning to set up a day dedicated to mothers.

Three years later, this feast was celebrated for the first time at the Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson approved a draft law for Mother’s Day to become a national feast.

Jarvis had been very specific in her choice of words. She wanted Mother’s Day, where children celebrate their relationship with their mother, a unique figure. Jarvis didn’t want Mothers’ Day, in the plural, where all mothers would be celebrated collectively everywhere.

This, however, is exactly what happened to the feast she created. During her lifetime Jarvis would end up quarrelling with flower vendors about their inflated prices on Mother’s Day. She had also been arrested for disturbing the peace.

Jarvis had started campaigning again to stop Mother’s Day, but this time her wish was not granted.


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