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Woman who was born through sperm donation claims injustice

A group which was set up last April called Life Research Unit has presented its views agains the practice of women who agree to be surrogates for infertile women, and against donations for reproductive science.

During a conference, a woman who was born through sperm donation by an anonymous man because her father was infertile, spoke of her experience. She explained how difficult it was for her when she found out that there are around 200 people who could potentially be her siblings from her father’s side.

It was the music video, Annie I’m not your daddy, which led Joanna Rose’s father to tell her that he was not her biological father.

Dr Rose said that as a result, she suffered serious psychological and biological consequences. She said that her interests were not taken into consideration by al those involved in her conception.

“They did not consider that I would like to know my identity, that actually not knowing my genetic father was an issue, that having two to three hundred brothers and sisters in different families, not knowing my medical history, I’ve got a forged birth certificate,” said Dr Rose.

She believes that the birth of a child outside of the genetic family goes agains nature and creates hardship for the children. She said that babies who are born through science are victims without a voice.

She explained that “the group that is most affected does not have a voice, that is why I am speaking and that is why I am hoping that other people speak up, so that you do not have the same thing that happened in so many different ways in so many countries of really hurting children’s welfare interests, in the name of providing everyone and anyone who wants to have a child with one”.

Dr Sara Portelli said that the Life Research Unit was set up to promote human dignity as laid down by the Embryo Protection Act.

“We have a law which strengthens human dignity, which protects the rights of the mother and child in the womb, in the practice of ITVF, we need to see that our law, which we are trying to improve, is really improved vis-a-vis human dignity” added Dr Portelli.

The members of the Life Research Unit also said that they will be presenting their views to a Parliamentary Committee.

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