Women only allowed on Finnish island

A female entrepreneur has introduced a new concept in Finland. Women may travel for a private holiday on an island where men are not allowed. SuperShe Island is an island in Finland furnished to accommodate 10 persons in four luxury rooms that offer activities beneficial to health.

Kristina Roth created the concept with the intention that women visit the island to escape the social pressures and receive back the energy they need to combat daily life issues. The island’s owner was Chief Executive of a counselling company and was inspired by her own experience to introduce the innovative idea.

Roth bought the island after her fiance, also a Finnish national, introduced her with the beauty of his land. She refurbished the island to make it an attraction to women tourists only. Reservations for a holiday on the island are not necessarily automatic as choice is the prerogative of the owner.

The concept was also criticized for its feminist aspect which excludes the LGBTIQ community, however Roth said she will exclude no one. She is hoping that the new touristic destination will be more attractive than Finland’s natural beauty. The female entrepreneur, which also owns property on other islands, wants to enlarge this business if the current plan on the Finnish island is successful.

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