Women will soon be able to receive vaginal fluids transplant

Doctors in the US are hoping that in the near future they can offer their patients the opportunity to receive vaginal fluid transplants.

Scientists at John Hopkins University believe that transplants such as this can help women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis to avoid this infection.

Although they can currently be given antibiotics for this infection,  it tends to reappear after some time.

BV is not a sexually transmitted disease, however it places women in a more vulnerable position and puts them at risk of STDs and urinary infections. If a woman is pregnant, the chances of a premature birth increases.

The transplant works by giving a woman a sample of fluid which contains the bacteria Lactobactillus crispatus, which is beneficial for the vagina.

Donors are asked to refrain from having sex for at least 30 days before donating, and they need to undergo testing for STDs.

FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approval is still required before this procedure can start being offered in the US.

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