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Wooded grove, BBQ area among projects for Inwadar Park

200 trees have been planted in the Inwadar National Park in an area which up to very recently was a dumping ground for illegal construction waste. The Chairman of the Park’s Board of Governance, Steve Borg, stated that many of the problems related to illegal dumping of waste as well as drug abuse have been solved through the installation of security cameras, and projects are ongoing for ecological restoration of the park.

Over a three-year span since the inauguration of the National Park at Tal-Inwadar in Marsascala, some 900 tons of illegally dumped waste material has been removed. Dr Borg added that hundreds of trees have also been planted, among which some 200 African tamarisk trees, which can withstand sea spray. These have been planted in the area of the ravine which had been a dumping ground for waste material.

Dr Borg added that a number of ecological restoration projects are presently being carried out, and plans are in hand for this park to be made more accessible to families.

“We have a management plan, a call for which will be issued shortly for 2021 up to 2025, and a major project for a wooded grove for the coming years. We have also identified areas where people can congregate for rest and recreation, and to enjoy the sea views.”

Dr Borg added that the Board is also looking into developing an area for BBQs and a Visitors’ Centre.

Environment Minister Jose’ Herrera stated that the historic buildings in the area will be restored. “We are going to restore the old rooms going back to the times of the Knights, and to the times of the British occupation. One will become a Visitors’ Centre and the other may become a commercial outlet, within the remit of the Council running the Park.”

A number of activities are being held at the Marsascala Park this weekend, including a clean-up of the seabed by divers, a historical representation of an event going back to 1800, and organised walks by officials from the Environment and Resources Authority.

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