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Work completed on water supply system in the South

Water Services Corporation workers have completed modernisation works in the water supply system in the South of the island.

The Corporation stated that the works carried out in Zabbar should lead to speedier delivery of water supplies to the South in the event of suspension of the service.

Residents in the South will now be expected to suffer less inconvenience in the case of suspension of the water supply, following an improvement to the distribution system in five different points at the entrance to Zabbar.

The Corporation’s Chief Executive, Engineer Richard Bilocca, described the work as part of the Corporation’s strategy to improve the service.

“In the event of damages, this zone can now be fed from another source, whereas previously, we would have had to pinpoint the damage, and until it was repaired, residents would have been deprived of a water supply. Through this connection, we can provide a supply and the suspension will be minimal.”

Minister for Energy and Water Services Joe Mizzi pointed out that work on the water mains was carried out at night in order to minimise inconvenience for residents, and will now lead to areas previously suffering from low water pressure, having a significant improvement in the service.

The Corporation stated that the service was expected to be normalised in all localities by this evening.

Anyone still experiencing a problem with the service is urged to call on freephone 8007 6400.

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