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WATCH: What will the Imsida Valley Road Bridge now look like?

Work is currently underway on the reconstruction of the Msida Valley Road Bridge. The current Msida Valley Road Bridge is being replaced with a bigger structure that can accommodate the realignment and widening of Regional Road, as part of a major upgrade of this artery and seven nearby junctions.

Transport and Capital Projects Minister Ian Borg noted during an on-site visit that the 1970s bridge spanning the two carriageways of Regional Road over Msida Valley Road, needs to be rebuilt to accommodate the additional lanes and to optimise the road’s alignment and super elevation, for increased safety.

During the last few months, Infrastructure Malta constructed the first of the two additional Regional Road lanes and started building the foundations and abutments of the new bridge. A few days ago, the two carriageways of Regional Road were shifted by a few metres so that the bridge construction works could continue without affecting any of the four lanes currently in use.

Infrastructure Malta said that the reconstruction of the bridge and the widening of the two Regional Road carriageways are being implemented in phases to ensure that the existing lanes and connections of this major route of the Maltese road network are kept open, with the least possible disruptions to road users.

Parts of the new lane along the southbound carriageway of Regional Road will be opened to road users soon. Infrastructure Malta has also started the construction of the sixth lane along the sides of the northbound carriageway.

The 1.1 kilometres of new lanes being added along Regional Road will improve the safety of a number of junctions along this north-south route, whilst increasing its capacity and efficiency by reducing waiting times at its merging lanes and exits.

In the northbound carriageway, from the Santa Venera tunnels towards Msida, one of the additional lanes will provide safer access from the slip roads connecting Msida Valley Road, Old Railway Track in Birkirkara and Kappillan Mifsud Road in Santa Venera to Regional Road. At the same time, further north, the additional lane will also reduce travel times when exiting Regional Road through the slip road in the direction of the Birkirkara Bypass (Dun Karm Psaila Road), the University of Malta and the Mater Dei Hospital.

The additional lane in the southbound carriageway will improve vehicle flows along the slip road connecting the Birkirkara Bypass and the Tal-Qroqq (skatepark) roundabout with Regional Road’s southbound carriageway by replacing the existing short merging lane with an uninterrupted lane towards Santa Venera. The same lane will also provide safer access to the Regional Road exit towards Old Railway Track and Kappillan Mifsud Road, the two roads converging at the Birkirkara-Santa Venera roundabout.

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