Works at the King George V garden in Floriana completed following investment of €400,000

The King George V garden which is located near the Boffa hopsital in Floriana has been given a fresh, new look at an investment of €400,000, financed by the Planning Development Fund of the Planning Authority. The project by the Floriana local council was carried out so that the place will be a recreational centre for the whole family, equipped with various facilities.

The garden, which faces the Grand Harbour, is now equipped with an open gym, security cameras and an irrigation system. More modern swings have also been installed with new, safer flooring. Maintenance was also carried out on the lightpoles at the garden, while the electricity and cable systems have been changed.

The work was inaugurated by the Minister for the. Environment, Climate Change and Planning, Aaron Farrugia, who remarked that the garden is now safer and more accessible.

“We will shortly be laying down new turf at the football pitch, so these are projects which are geared directly towards the communities and Maltese and Gozitan families in order for them to have places in urban zones where they can spend their leisure time in the areas where they live and work.”

The Chairman of the Planning Development Fund, Architect Vince Cassar, explained that the money is coming from certain fees which the PA requests when one submits a development permit.

“This money then goes to the local council where the development has taken place, so it is up to the council to then promote initiatives and come up with ideas for projects it wishes to carry out.”

The Mayor of Floriana, Davina Sammut Hili, said that after a year of hard work, the council is giving back to the community with a recreational centre for the family, which has been completely renovated with new equipment. She remarked that the garden is guarded by means of 14 CCTV cameras because curbing vandalism was a major concern and a priority for the council and the Floriana community.

This garden on the Floriana bastions was inaugurated in 1936 by King George V.