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World-wide airline leaders meet in Malta

The International Aviation Conference, CAPA, is currently meeting in Malta to discuss the challenges in the aviation sector.

Some 100 delegates, including various executive heads of major airlines from around the world, are participating in the conference.

Current challenges to the aviation sector include the pressure to reduce emissions. The executive officers of the airlines are also discussing regional markets and their strategies in the industry.

The Malta conference was addressed, among others, by Air Malta chairman, Charles Mangion, who spoke about the developments that the airline is passing through.

Notary Mangion stated that after almost 20 years with negative financial results, last year Air Malta registered positive results with CAPA describing Air Malta as the national airline which managed to turn its financial wheel into profits.

The company’s chairman added that Air Malta will continue with its growth strategy to keep abreast with the financial targets.

“In the coming twelve months we also foresee a growth in the yield revenue from various streams – therefore you will have the load factor yields growing in a very competitive market. I think this is very important”, Charles Mangion stated.

Malta is also hosting the CAPA summit to promote its facilities, including in the aircraft registration sector.