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Would you consider not washing your underwear for weeks on end?

A new company named Organic Basics has come up with new technology which allows persons to keep on wearing the same underwear for weeks on end, without the need to wash it.

The company stated that the intention behind this idea is to safeguard the environment that little bit more.

According to the company, this technology leads to a sustainable way in which the concept of washing clothes is reduced drastically. The company added that washing clothes is one of the main factors contributing to damage to the environment.

How is it possible not to wash clothes? Organic Basics have quickly come up with a solution, with one paticular ingredient – silver.

Silver is anti-microbial, and because of this factor, the company has come up with underwear containing silver traces which destroy 99.9% of germs and smells.

According to Organic Basics, their invention will save the consumer time and money, whilst reducing water and energy consumption.

Besides their silver content, the underwear is also made out of recycled material.

The company has managed to sell over 200,000 units so far. A packet of two boxer shorts for men costs about 53 euro, whereas the female version only costs about 47 euro.

Would you consider switching to organic underwear?


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