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Would you try worm-infested cheese or frog smoothies?

The museum of disgusting foods has opened its doors in Sweden. Curator Samuel West says the museum includes food from around the world, ranging from frog smoothies from Peru’ to worm-infested cheese from Sardinia. Some of the foods stink more than others, and a range of the foods can be tasted by visitors to the Museum of dDisgusting Foods.

West describes this as a unique and educational experience. He asks whether there is any difference between the taste of guinea pig and that of normal pork, both being the same species. Other foods include sheep’s eye soup and wine made from rats. As well as bat salad…

Samuel West adds that “the most disgusting food we have here at the exhibit, if you’re looking at disgust, as far as smell goes, the most disgusting and the smelliest item we have here is the Icelandic shark. It’s a fermented sort of rotten Icelandic shark.”

West adds that opinion on what is disgusting has changed over the years, quoting as an example that 200 years ago lobster was considered disgusting, whereas today it is a delicacy.

Daniel Johncock stated that “when I first arrived I was sceptical, but I really enjoyed it. I think it was fun to walk around and read about all the different disgusting foods around the world and it was fun to smell and see.”

The Museum of Disgusting Foods is temporary, and moves to different countries. It will remain open in Sweden until January.