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Would you walk under a ladder?

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, a day which gives rise to a lot of superstitions.  But how superstitious are the Maltese and what would they do if they had to come across a black cat?

Friday the 13th is considered a day of superstitions which can bring misfortune and bad luck.

This day occurs when the month starts on a Sunday and the 13th falls on a Friday.

For those who are superstitious this day creates a lot of fears. In Maltese folklore these include not walking under a ladder, or not crossing a black cat, and the fact that it is considered bad luck if you break a mirror.

But are people really that superstitious?

For. fishermen, the symbol of the eye on their fishing boat is considered a shield against bad weather.

According to the Grigorian calendar, which is the calendar used by Western countries, the phenomenon of Friday the 13th occurs at least once a year.

There were years when we had several Friday the 13ths, such as in 2015 when there were three of them, while it occurred twice in 2017 and 2018 and will occur twice this year as well.

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