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Would you wish to be buried next to your pets?

Belgian politicians are working for a change in the law, which will allow those wishing to be buried alongside their pets to have their wish granted.

This choice of burial is not available in most European countries. The Flemish Socialist Party will be placing this request before Parliament, so that animal owners can opt to have a final resting place near their pets, but this will only be available through cremation.

MP Rob Benders stated that animal owners can choose to have their ashes placed in the same urns as those of their pets, if the law goes through.

Benders believes animals brought up as pets end up becoming a part of the family, and he also believes it would be a pity to separate owners from their beloved pets at death.

In the majorty of European countries it is difficult or even prohibited to bury animals alongside humans in traditional cemeteries, but some countries offer dedicated areas for animal burials.

In the majority of cases, pets are buried in animal cemeteries. In France and Belgium fees for these burials cost between 100 and 600 euro.






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