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Wrestler leaves Malta to train in his sport and to participate in global competitions

For many people, wrestling may seem like a rough sport, but not for Wayne Pace who began training from a young age, until he became a professional athlete. Wrestling is a sporting discipline with its own rules, which include protection against serious injuries. For Wayne, this sport is a passion which has become a part of his life and he is now training in it in one of the countries which is the most well-known for this sport.

In his childhood he used to follow the sport on TV and his desire to train as a wrestler took him to the UK, since in Malta there was nowhere he could train professionally.

After four years of training and competitions, Wayne is back in Malta to share what he has heard with athletes who share his passion through Pro Wrestling Malta. Between one commitment and another in the local scene, he has also managed to participate in a number of competitions in 12 different countries, including the USA. However, his three month experience in Japan not only taught him to grow in this sport but to also develop a tough skin.

“You are away from your family. Always on the road. You sleep every night in a different hotel. You’re living out of your luggage. While you are on the road, you need to eat well, and find time to train. You need to fight injuries you may have and ultimately you need to work because you have wrestling shows.”

In one of the training sessions, the constant physical contact between the athletes was noticeable. Wayne said that, just like in any sport, health and security are a priority of the athlete and his adversary despite the fact that it appears to be such a rough sport.

“The first thing whoever starts to wrestle has to learn is how to control one’s body and protect one’s self. That is why you see a lot of banging. Those are what we call break falls bumps – we learn how to protect ourselves so that we hurt ourselves as little as possible.”

Kirill Micallef Stafrace, a doctor who specializes in sports medicine, believes that this sport not only helps individuals to develop  discipline through sport, but also helps their personal life.  He said that despite the fact that wrestling is a sport with lots of physical contact, if the athlete follows professional instructions, he can reduce the possibility of serious injury.

“If you do not wish to injure yourself in a sport, you should stick to chess. There is nothing wrong with that – I play chess myself let me make it clear. But once you have a contact sport there is a risk of injury. To make things worse there are the weight categories. An athlete often has to lose weight so that he can compete in his category. What is important is to maintain the same weight all year long because if you try and lose weight drastically you have a greater risk of getting injured.”

Dr Micallef Stafrace said that although there are not many serious cases, the most common injuries which athletes suffer in wrestling are to their fingers, ankles, neck and back.

Pro Wrestling Malta will be presenting its next show on 13 November. See more details here.

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