Writer says that Paola mosque is enough for Muslims in Malta

A Muslim writer who holds Maltese nationality, has warned of a growing rift among the Muslim community which is becoming more apparent.  Walid Nabhan said that in a small country like Malta, the mosque in Paola and its surrounding grounds are enough for the needs of Muslims to pray in Malta.

Walid Nabhan, a liberal Muslim who has lived in Malta for more than 25 years, is alleging that there is tension and division among Maltese Muslims which he said was coming out into the open even more over the issue of whether another mosque is needed.

“I think this mosque is going to be the cause of division among Muslims in Malta,” said Walid Nabhan.

Walid Nabhan was speaking to tvm.com.mt after the discussion which arose recently when the Muslim community began to insist on more central places for their prayers.

“The Paola mosque is central – in fact, in Malta everywhere is central, and if you think you are going to be late you have to plan 15 minutes ahead. I know that mosque, it has a square which is even big enough to hold a mass meeting.”

Walid asked who will be financing the one million euro which are needed to build another mosque and expressed his concern about the credentials of those who wold be leading the Muslim prayers which are not taking place at the mosque.

Walid cautiously alleged that there is an element of fundamentalism among certain Muslims in Malta.

“I do not want to scare people but this could be the result of Caliphate thinking because those who interpret everything as a closed box fall under the Caliphate, in other words they are imitating something from the past. However, if what happened in the past took place 1,600 year ago, today the world is no  longer the same”.

Walid Nabhan spoke harshly about the Council of the Muslim community in Malta which was recently at the centre of the controversy about the public prayers being held at Msida. He said he is not against Islam but is against extreme conservative thinking among Muslims.

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