Wuhan laboratory accused of carrying out tests on bats

The virology institute in Wuhan, China had live bats kept in a cage and it is being alleged that the Covid-19 virus originated from there.

This is the theory of Sky News Australia after a video emerged which it claimed was taken at the Chinese Academy of Science on the occasion of the opening of the new laboratory in 2017.

The video shows bats held in cages as well as a scientist feeding one of the bats with a worm.

Chinese authorities are denying the allegation and the virologist Shi Zhengli, who manages this lab, is insisting that it is not true that they were carrying experiments out on bats, or that some of her colleagues had fallen ill with the virus before it spread around the world.

A report which has just emerged from the World Health Organisation (WHO) concluded that the pandemic probably originated from a virus in bats, which were then transmitted to another animal before ending up being transmitted to human beings.

While the report also says that it is “extremely improbable” for the virus to have emerged from a lab, it also mentions that WHO experts found it very difficult to obtain the information they required during their visit to China.

Chinese scientists have just found a virus in bats which is very similar to the Coronavirus.

According to the University of Shandong, which carried out the study, bats carry various viruses which can cause serious illnesses in man.