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Xewkija windmill is among 100 esteemed sustainable destinations world-wide

The oldest windmill in Gozo and the only one with eight facades in the Maltese islands is among 100 esteemed sustainable destinations in the world.

Situated in the periphery of Xewkija, on the road from Mġarr port to Rabat, the octogenarian windmill is easily considered as a building with distinctive and unique characteristics in Gozo. It started milling wheat in 1710 and remained in use till 60 years ago. After it was left in a decadent state, today it has been restored to its original glory.

As the work was completed earlier this year, the windmill was opened for the public with free entrance and its small square is used for folklore and cultural activities.

The Tourism Director for Gozo Ronald Sultana said that each year 100 projects or initiatives by various regions world-wide are selected while the Gozo Ministry submitted the restoration and regeneration of the Xewkija windmill.

“The project had an investment, thanks also for European funds,  which continued to characterise the cultural and historical elements in Gozo. Now it is also open for tourists, which augurs well for sustainable tourism”.

The octogenarian windmill is part of the regeneration project of the Xewkija square, launched by the Gozo Ministry with financial assistance from the European Regional Development Fund.