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What’s in the pipeline for the ninth edition of the Żigużajg Festival?

The curtain has been raised on the ninth edition of the Żigużajg Festival that is scheduled to spread over ten days and will involve about 130 artists participating in various artistic projects. In the words of the Festival’s Director, this creates space for Maltese and foreign artists to reveal their talents while enabling children to appreciate arts from a young age.

After a lengthy flight from the Amazon, the bird Tingo did not receive a warm welcome from Merill and three other birds of passage. However, when they heard Tingo’s experiences they softened their attitude and welcomed him to their home because they fully understood he could not return.

The New Victorians and the puppets created by Matthew Pandolfino created an entertaining atmosphere with a message of inclusion for Siġġiewi Primary School students was the first production in the Festival.

Żigużajg Director, Daniel Azzopardi, said the project is being taken to communities and schools and concerns integration and multiculturalism, resembling themes of a similar nature in other Festival presentations. These are being discussed in an artistic manner on a platform that is ideal.

Adam and Ella are among 8,000 children that over the next ten days will experience Żigużajg presentations in their schools. The two students affirmed they loved such creative, artistic and cultural experiences.

Tingo is one of 21 creative expressions that will be staged in different localities between 15th and 24th November, including Valletta and a number of schools throughout Malta and Gozo.

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