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What are the developments in the Labour Party Leadership stakes?

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Chris Fearne, formally announced he will place his nomination for the position of Labour Party Leader.

Minister Ian Borg and a number of other Cabinet Members have declared publicly they will be supporting Dr Fearne’s candidacy.

On the other hand, Labour MP Robert Abela, who is also being mentioned as a possible candidate said he is prepared to humbly offer his services from the little he knows to be part of the change and said he is not prepared to form part of what he described as a devilish pact to secure a comfortable seat and sell out his country or the Labour Party.

Dr Fearne’s announcement ended speculation after he had discussed the issue with his family and a large number of people and thus decided to place his name for the nomination of the Party’s Leadership.

In a post on social media, Dr Fearne said this is a historic moment for the country and for the Labour Party because he described the situation as being at the crossroads and the choices to be taken in the coming days will have a great effect on the future. He said has heard the country’ and the Party’s appeal.

He promised to clean Malta’s name of every stain and to ensure the whole truth emerges and all justice will be carried while ensuring the country’ institutions will proceed with integrity, independence and on their own volition. Minister Fearne said he is ready to carry the burden and expected other to do likewise.

Dr Fearne said that as he has been doing for the last 40 years, he will see that unity reins in the Labour party so that, in his words, the Party will continue winning elections. He said he will ensure once more that Malta becomes first and foremost while he will be prepared to work with all those that have integrity, goodwill and a regard for the state. He ended by saying the road is a lengthy one as well as being uphill and therefore all must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him.

A few minutes later, Minister Ian Borg, who was being mentioned as a possible contestant for the Party Leadership, declared his support for Dr Fearne and said he had greatly considered the encouragement made by his colleagues in Government and the Party and this has given him further strength and energy to continue working so that the Labour Party will continue to lead the country.

There were other Ministers and MPs that declared their support for Dr Fearne’s candidacy.

In a further comment, Dr Robert Abela said that power does not go to his head while contending that unity is gained through honesty, being faithful and being correct. He asked how it can be possible that following this turmoil some have not learnt from the consequences.

Nominations for the Labour Party Leadership will be met between this coming Monday and Wednesday.

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